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✔️ Company Profile page with your documents & videos

✔️ Multiple Product & Services pages for separate treatment of each of your services

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✔️ Sentiment analysis on your employees shown in your own company scorecard, updated monthly

✔️ Qualified inbound leads through Aniline Quick Quote

✔️ Community forum only for Aniline service providers, network & collaborate on common interests


FREE 7-day trial of Aniline Premium Market Research:

✔️ Pick any two of our 20 regions

✔️ See Aniline HR metrics for any company - every metric is searchable, so you can target your solutions to specific company profiles!

✔️ Each region contains 400+ mid-market companies with 500 to 2,000 employees

✔️ For the group insurance industry, we give you the industry’s most advanced and easy-to-use competitive search on Form 5500 data

✔️ Purchase of any region unlocks access to Aniline profiles of 2,000 HR service providers - learn what the employees of your competitors are saying & what their customers will see



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