Where do you get your data?

It's a secret. Kidding. Actually, while it may seem amazing that we can create complete demographic and sentiment profiles without any internal company data; that's exactly what we do. No surveys, no questionnaires, no questions asked. We identify, select and cascade numerous public and proprietary data sources that then cascade through our AI and ML tools to bring you complete view of a company's people and what they think.

How can you score sentiment?

We start with millions of narrative reviews from all the major (and some niche) social media job sites.  Our NLP models parse and contextualize them, then our PhDs with AI and ML tools normalize them, convert them to numerical scores which we then convert to a 1-100 scale with 50 being average. So everyone is on a level playing field for comparability. That's all we can really tell you other than it's pretty remarkable.

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Do you use any internal company information to create the demographic profile?

No. We use numerous sources of external data, both company and individual. We combine firmagraphic and individual demographic information. We match individuals with their employer using a series of ML and Ai tools. From there, we create a demographic profile for the company. Obviously, we won't be an exact match for your internal systems. But for purposes of benchmarking it's amazingly accurate. If you would like to edit your data to make it even more accurate, we give you the chance to edit your own information.

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Do you get paid on transactions done on your platform?

No. We are very proud of the fact that we are focused on engagement not transactions. We license our data to service providers for purposes of market research. We charge service providers for Quick Quotes, regardless of whether or not it results in a transaction. We also accept no payment from service providers to be on our platform. We maintain a level playing field with the sole focus of providing our members with a broad cross-section of qualified professional services companies.

Does the HR Community provide input on service providers?

Yes, One of the strengths of our platform is our User Community. We provide a user platform that enables our HR Professionals the opportunity to give feedback on service providers. HR Professionals have the option of remaining anonymous or be visible. Either way, they can provide feedback to other HR Professionals.

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