aniline free listings button

✔️ Company profile page with your documents & videos

✔️ Multiple product & services pages for separate treatment of each of your services

✔️ Custom keywords for each of your products & services

✔️ Sentiment analysis and demographic profile on your company

aniline quick quotes button

✔️ Qualified Buyers provide you with specific requirements & indications of interest

✔️ You issue a non-binding response, creating new relationships.

✔️ Two Types of Quick Quotes

1. Anonymous Member Requests
     Issue a quote response: $75 fee
     Quote accepted and customer reveals
     identity and contact details: $75 fee

2. Fully-Visible Member Requests
     Customer reveals contact info
     Issue a quote: $150 fee

aniline market research button

✔️ Fully searchable database for US companies with between 500 & 1500 employees.

✔️ Search by sentiment, demographic, geographic & competitor’s customers.

✔️ Data contains full 5500 disclosure data.

✔️ We provide 20 regional packages, enabling local or national licensing.

✔️ Annual subscription pricing allows 5 users per region.

✔️ Approx. 500 companies per region:

  • First 5 Regions:               $5,000/ea
  • Next 5 Regions:               $4,000/ea
  • Next 10 Regions:             $3,000/ea

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