1. Company Scorecard

See what employees think about working at your customers and prospects.
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2. Company Profile

Post documents and videos about you and for each of your service offerings.
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3. Products & Services

List as many service offerings as you like - and provide your own keywords to help new customers find you.
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4. Market Research

Use Aniline market research to find companies that share traits of your customers, see competitors for your products, and find potential distributors.
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5. Aniline's Filter

Aniline's easy-to-use filter pinpoints companies based on sentiment, demographic, industry, and location characteristics.
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6. Aniline Regions

Each of our 20 regions has over 400 companies. Get started with Aniline Market Research for as little as $5,000 per year for 5 licenses.
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7. Aniline's QuickQuote

HR professionals use Aniline's QuickQuote feature to explore new relationships.
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8. QuickQuote Dashboard

Send and track your response through the Aniline QuickQuote dashboard. You can even attach documents to tell the full story.
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